Poems by Roy Davison

The Rocky Mountains

The rugged Rockies stand
With snow-capped peaks
Pointing toward the sky.

Majestic loneliness speaks
Her cold wind words with a sigh
Through nature's no-man's land.

A wilderness spirit haunts
The mountain crags
And inhabits the heart of man.

Roy Davison

Mountains in the Mist

"Happiness rustles in your skirts as you walk, my gentle one."
You stop by a wall in the morning mist
And lightly touch its dew-covered stones
With a delicate hand, but your eyes are far away.

"The sun is coming up, my gentle one, it brings a lovely day."
But you stand by the wall in the morning mist
As a gentle ghost in the fleeting night
And your grey eyes are far away.

"There is beauty in the mist, my love, and beauty in the dew,
But soon the sun will melt the mist and dry the dew.
The garden will shine in the warmth of the sun."
But your eyes are far away.

"For what do you search in the morning mist, my gentle one?
What vision will you see through the fading night
As you stand with a gentle hand on a dewy wall?

Must you look so far away?"

"There is happiness in your skirts as you walk, my gentle one.
The slowly rising sun, heralds a glorious day.
It dissolves the dew, and clears the mist,
And brings to view, blue mountains far away."

"Let us walk to those far-off hills, my love, my gentle one.
The road is long, but the way is clear and bright.
It leads us out of the misty night
To those blue mountains far away."

Roy Davison


"Do not be angry with me for speaking the truth."
Thus spoke Socrates. But they were angry
Just the same. "I do nothing else but urge you,
Young and old, to look to the perfection of your souls."
But they did not wish to have their souls perfected.

"I care not for public opinion, but only for the truth."
Thus spoke Socrates. But public opinion
Cared not for truth. "My questions reveal
No more than what is right." But they hated
What was right, and he - they knew - was right.

"Death alone shall stop me from telling you the truth."
Thus spoke Socrates. And they hated truth
Enough to seek the life of him who spoke it.
"O foolish men of Athens, my death is nothing;
Truth will triumph just the same."

Roy Davison

The Flemish and Dutch Inquisition

Do what the Pope says, he is infallible.
From his throne in Rome,
He speaks for the poor Carpenter from Galilee.
Do what he says without question, simply obey.
He condemns a nation to death as heretics.
You must obey and kill, he is infallible.
Those who read or teach the Scriptures you must kill.
Those who refuse to repent must suffer:
Men are burned alive at the stake;
Women are buried alive.
Those who repent receive mercy:
They are strangled before being buried or burned.
As the flames lick up the blood,
As the smoke stinks of burning hair and flesh,
The Pope smiles with contentment.
He is infallible.
Obey him and you may share his destiny.

Roy Davison